Who we are?

Inosas is an IT company that was established in 2013. We provide IT solutions to companies and governmental institutions in terms of service management. Not only services management but also, we are highly experienced in other enterprise-based Information technology needs.

We know that Information Technologies (IT) are the main power of companies and governmental institutions. We focus on Information technologies and we want to provide the sustainable product and services in the ITSM area. With this awareness, we still continue our journey that we started with the same ambition.

Our development is shaped from backend to frontend according to the customer’s needs. The final product that they have is completely modified according to their needs and wants.

We are using the most up-to-date technology in order to create innovative software tools.

At the same time, we are highly experienced in ITIL and ITSM fields. We have created our core product, GOO Service Manager, with the power of ITIL. The product is highly capable to IT Service Management processes and currently using by several companies and governmental institutions. With ITIL, our primary goals are increasing service quality and efficiency of institutions and companies.

Our team is highly experienced on IT, and ITSM processes. We are good at understanding of business needs and demands. Moreover, the final product reflects both customer’s needs and our team’s experience.

Our Mission

To increase the service management process quality of companies with our ITIL-based product, GOO Service Manager, and our services.

Our Vision

To be a company that is sustainable, reliable, and being a reachable player in the field of ITSM in the world market.

Our Strategical Aims;

  • To grow by evaluating opportunities in information technologies and new business fields in Service Management area,
  • To gain superiority in the field of Information Technologies with R&D projects,
  • Developing new applications with our experience in Information Technologies,
  • Understanding sectoral needs and providing knowledge-based solutions for those needs,
  • Providing effective solutions to companies with the bases of ITIL, and eTOM guidelines which determined by TM Forum.


  • To create quick interaction and quick solution for Service management
  • To increase service quality and efficiency
  • To provide Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • To show power of IT