We can update your current practices in areas where we have technological and method knowledge.

In parallel with the development of business models and technology, it is inevitable to improve your software. We carry out your software revisions with our expert technical team in the light of certain engineering disciplines and software development methodologies. We determine whether the work to be done in this process will be done within the scope of Reengineering or Refactoring by making detailed analysis of your existing system.


The architecture and performance controls of the applications are important for the correct progress of software revisions. We ensure that your software designs (architecture, code and workflow) are based on the best practice and detailed performance reports are issued.


In addition to our R&D products developed with Microsoft technologies, we have a team that has gained deep technical and method knowledge with our conceptual studies and methodologies in this field. With MVC or Web Forms applications, we can make revisions of your medium or large-scale systems using basic technologies such as Entity Frameworks, Ext .Net, RDLC.


Over time, it is necessary to update the architectures on which your software works with the modern, current and most performance versions. In this process, we provide all the necessary services for the detection and replacement of old incompatible codes and the use of new technologies and methodologies.


We design and complete the revisions of your applications based on the PHP framework with our R&D team, which develops large-scale applications that require deep knowledge in this field, and our experts certified by Zend PHP Company.