We ensure that your applications can run uninterruptedly and are organized according to changing business processes.

Maintenance and maintenance processes may take decades for the software you realize in 1-2 years. As Inosas, we provide maintenance and maintenance services within a certain discipline in a way that does not interfere with your business processes until the detection and elimination of errors in your software during the process, updating your software infrastructures and making certain functional improvements.

Scope of Care and Maintenance

We offer our maintenance and maintenance service as a discipline consisting of Adaptation, Perfecting, Corrective and Preventive processes in the widest scope. Basically, these works can be defined as arrangements, functional improvements, detection and elimination of errors, and future studies that increase the reliability and sustainability of the system.

Our Support Packages

Our support packages are Standard and Extended. All products and services offered by Inosas are covered by standard support unless a special definition is made. In the standard package, the error notifications (Corrector) made via the support desk and e-mail are remotely intervened within a period of 5 × 8 within 24 hours. Extended packet notification types can be via the support desk, e-mail, or telephone; Depending on the type of agreement to be made, remote or on-site support can be provided; service levels and periods (5 × 8, 7 × 24 etc.) are determined together with you; scope adaptation can be perfecting, corrective and preventive.

Service Level (SLA)

We can create maintenance and maintenance services in many formats specific to your software and your organization. We can define service levels in the contracts we will make according to the mission-critical conditions of your software. In this context, we can determine time and intervention types for first response and solution processes. In addition, we offer an infrastructure where we can follow the maintenance and maintenance processes and enable you to monitor your process and service levels instantly.

Our Quality Standards

For us, it is very important to protect information security and privacy while ensuring customer satisfaction. We define all your maintenance and maintenance processes for you on our platforms and keep records of the work done with the personnel in charge of the process. If you wish, you can access this information from our 24/7 Support Desk; You can keep track of service levels. In addition, we constantly improve our processes in accordance with the information security management system and after-sales service quality standards in order to provide you with a better service.