GOO® Service Manager

GOO® IT Service Manager provides effective platform that is user oriented, integrated with all business departments and capable for supporting of corporate business processes. In organisations, high service quality and reliable corporate support are targeted, that enable you to operate all technical and business processes easily.


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Service Management Workflow

This solution encompasses service management processes in alignment with the ITIL framework. The workflow begins with the logging, prioritization, and tracking of service requests. Next, issues are identified, prioritized, and assigned to the relevant teams for resolution. In the change management process, change requests are logged, assessed, planned, and implemented. The incident management process involves the detection, analysis, and response to system-related incidents. SLAs are monitored, and performance and customer satisfaction reports are generated.

Multi-Channel Service Desk

The ITIL-Ready Service Desk Multi-Channel Service Desk is a solution aimed at providing services through various communication channels. This solution allows customers to receive support through multiple channels such as phone, email, web forms, live chat, and social media. It manages incoming service requests and issues across these diverse channels. The multi-channel service desk enables customers to choose their preferred method of communication and facilitates seamless interaction. This solution automatically routes, tracks, and prioritizes incoming requests.

Mobile Service Management

 This solution allows IT service teams to effectively manage and respond to service requests, incidents, and changes using their mobile devices. It provides a mobile-friendly interface with features such as ticket management, real-time notifications, and remote access to service desk functions. The Mobile Service Management Desk empowers IT professionals to stay connected and address service-related issues while on the go. It ensures prompt and efficient service delivery, improves productivity, and enhances customer satisfaction. The ITIL-Ready Service Desk Mobile Service Management Desk offers flexibility and convenience, enabling IT teams to provide seamless service management anytime, anywhere.