With business applications that we can develop specifically for your business, you will not need other solutions.

On the InoPaaS Application Development Platform, we can develop applications of any scale specific to your business. InoPaaS enables you to manage all your business processes and required support applications under one roof, integrated with its high technology architecture, fast and flexible adaptable structure, dozens of ready-made system modules, integration, mobile and web support, reporting and monitoring, decision support system, existing business applications.

What is InoPaaS?

It is a ready-made framework for interface, standard infrastructure and basic system applications that can form the basis for all small and large web and mobile-based software projects specific to the business of organizations.

Our Method Knowledge

As Inosas, we have carried out projects with many medium and large scale institutions / private companies. In our project processes, we want to understand and model your business processes before technology and support this process with technology, if necessary, by improving it with you.

Our Project Processes

With our software development methodology, we manage the project process mainly in the form of business analysis, gap analysis, modeling, development, testing, commissioning and maintenance and maintenance.

Your Heritage Applications

The integrity of information and the protection of the distribution of work between applications are of great importance in terms of the efficiency of your business processes. For this reason, we are trying to position your current applications and information infrastructure correctly in our projects.

Post-Project Support

Our current products or all applications we have developed specifically for you are covered by a 1-year warranty on-site / remote 8/5 support. In addition, we can make a 24/7 or different model service contract for your critical business applications.

Our Business Practices

We have flexible systems that contain a certain level of method knowledge with our current business practices and Business Process Management in BPMN 2.0 standards. Maybe our current software matches your business needs.