As Inosas,

We have been working with our R&D team since the first day to research and develop new generation technologies in the ITSM sector and to create innovative solutions for the sector. Since the day we were established, we continue to work in a planned and programmed manner in order to carry out our work, which we have developed for the sector with our experienced R&D team, more effectively and efficiently. We give importance to R&D studies with the vision of being among the innovative companies in the ITSM sector.

We carry out our studies in order to have a better command of the fields of service management, project management, corporate application development and ITSM sector technologies.

Our R&D strategies;

  • Following the newly developed technologies,
  • To increase knowledge in the field of ITSM,
  • Creating the necessary test environments for the studies,
  • Creating solutions for the problems encountered in the company,
  • Developing innovative products, services, and solutions,
  • Developing innovative product and service prototypes by working with R&D partners
  • In line with these strategies, we continue our work with our experienced R&D team.

What we base our standards on;

We shape our business processes according to the ITIL standards determined by TMforum.