Integration of our products or applications that we can develop specifically for you with your existing systems is not a problem for us.

Thanks to the advanced infrastructure of our InoPaaS Application Development Platform, we can provide integration with your legacy applications with many alternative method options. We build a correct integration structure within the security, consistency and integrity criteria with the help of a good analysis during the project process and data flow diagrams prepared afterwards.

Web Services

Thanks to the advanced Web Service structure in the InoPaaS Application Development Platform, many services can be opened or used as server and client.

Multiple Database Support

Our application platform can be connected to multiple databases simultaneously. In addition to their existing schemas, you can access the relational databases of your other applications and exchange data.


Integration with existing LDAP, SSO and IDM applications within the organization can be provided for authentication. User passwords can be managed from a single common point.

Social media

There is an advanced integration layer that can be integrated using APIs of many social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube.


All data exchanges made through the integration layer can be logged at the desired level and these logs can be used for audit purposes.

Other Integrations

Our InoPaaS Application Development Platform has an infrastructure that can be integrated with many systems and applications such as E-Mail Services, Operators, CTI, Jira, Jasper.

integraton connection