We manage your software projects with our experts who have a very good technical-methodological knowledge and have advanced management skills.

We present all the works in a certain discipline, from the creation of project plans of your projects to business and requirement analysis, from architectural design to detailed designs. We follow the software development methodologies (Scrum, Agile, etc.) and process models (CMMI) that are well accepted according to the technology and design of the system to be developed according to business requirements.

High Technology Solution Support

As Inosas, our company business strategy and R&D approach has always been based on developing high-tech products with a high know-how. We can support your solutions or business ideas thanks to the products we have developed in many business areas with different technologies and with the help of our experts who have been specially trained from the pioneers of the industry with engineering at doctoral level in this field.


For software projects to be developed with Microsoft technologies, we manage the whole process from determining the most accurate technology and methods according to business requirements, extracting documents for business requirements, creating high-level and detailed architectural designs, setting up the software development environment, operating the test processes and creating the first stable version of the application or we provide consultancy for places.


We provide all the necessary method knowledge, technology and training to create a software development environment based on PHP technologies. In addition, we carry out the whole process from the high-level and detailed architectural designs of the application to be written according to the business requirements, to the selection of application frameworks that can be used. We are ready to add value to your business with our R&D Team and Zend Certified Engineers working with Zend and PHP technologies for a long time.

Project management

Although the management of software projects is not directly dependent on the technology used, it is a process that requires many years of experience and must be carried out meticulously in line with certain disciplines. Software project management is not only the use of correct software development methodologies, but also the planning and management of art and software projects that should be included in the management processes such as Risk, Requirement, Change, Configuration and Version, with all the parameters we mentioned. In this context, we support your software project management processes with our experts who have received PMP and CMMI training, regardless of technology.