In the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic period, SMEs have developed at their own scale to quickly keep up with this extraordinary order. While the majority of SMEs in the service sector are planning to take steps on their own, some have started to establish IT teams within their own structure. However, this situation caused SMEs to be deprived of expert support as well as financially burdening them. The burden on our SMEs increased even more with the wrong solutions offered by the current economic burden. However, as INOSAS, we have taken a step to alleviate this economic burden on SMEs.

GOO Service Manager, New Address of Solution in IT Processes

GOO Service Manager is our local and national cloud-based help desk solution that we plan for SMEs to use in their IT processes. GOO Service Manager, which we aim to work with a monthly subscription system, will be a fast and solution-oriented address for IT processes optimization, which creates a heavy financial burden on SMEs.

Cost and Time Management

IT business processes can cause high cost and time loss in terms of management. The disruption and slowdown that may occur in the control and management of business processes can cause major problems for SMEs. For example, the majority of the production process of an SME with initiatives in the field of production, from raw material to final product, is controlled and managed by IT. A slowdown or interruption that may occur in this process may delay or even stop production by affecting subsequent processes. Finding and eliminating the source of this disruption causes both time and money loss for SMEs. However, it is not known whether the problem originates from only one point or whether it is a chain of problems. Therefore, a help desk solution that works integrated with its own systems makes it easy to control and follow up the problems that occur. In addition, the evaluation and solution of the problem that occurs as a result of the control of the system by experts will relieve SMEs in terms of both time and cost.

Cloud Based Help Desk

In order to alleviate the economic burdens of SMEs that have increased in the last 3 years, we have developed the cloud-based, Domestic and National help desk, GOO Service Manager. GOO Service Manager enables SMEs to manage their IT processes over the cloud by their own experts. In this way, SMEs save both time and money and ensure the management of IT business processes. IT processes ensure that the business processes of SMEs are resolved on-point. Thus, it is very important to solve the problems that may occur as soon as possible in terms of time and money.

Final Solution Before Problems Occur

Since ITSM software works in integration with the IT system in which they are installed, they can examine the system they are installed in real time. It can ensure that measures are taken by notifying the system administrator of a problem that may occur outside the normal flow of the system. In this way, it will be possible to take precautionary measures before any interruption or decrease in quality occurs in the system.

Domestic and National Power in Cloud Based Software

Since 2013, INOSAS has been providing services to institutions and organizations in many fields with its Domestic and National flagship GOO Service Manager. GOO Service Manager, an ITIL-based help desk, aims to offer a professional business process management approach to SMEs at affordable prices. Its cloud-based structure will be easier for SMEs to use. Because while on-premise systems require a certain system requirement, GOO Service Manager can be used online with its cloud-based structure.

Maximum Efficiency at Low Cost

IT services and the maintenance processes of these services are costly processes for an institution. However, erroneous approaches lead to loss of both time and money in these processes. This loss can have huge impacts on SMEs. Such a loss of time and money can cause the IT business processes of SMEs and other processes related to these processes to be disrupted or even stopped from time to time. Being aware of this situation, SMEs try to solve it by getting support from their own IT departments or non-experts. Unfortunately, these solution trials, which are not done by expert hands, lead to higher cost results. With the GOO Service Manager, SMEs will be able to manage situations that affect their business processes and that occur in their own or their customers’ systems via cloud technology, and they will be able to reach a conclusion quickly.