EfsaneTarifler is a knowledge-centered, entertaining and interactive social media channel specialized in the kitchen area, which has adopted the sharing nature of well-known social media platforms. The first phase of our project, which will be a breath of fresh air in this field, met with users. By downloading the application from Google Android and App Store for free, you can register with your social media accounts immediately and create your own culture in the kitchen area. Basically, you can browse fun social contents, thousands of recipes in dozens of different categories and areas, social shares, and special pages on the platform; You can read the suggestions and comments of our travelers and food-loving users about food and places. In addition, you can learn about the culinary cultures of the places you will go abroad, and you can quickly access the recommendations and comments of our users about the food with the help of the map. We are sure that EfsaneTarifler will make your business or leisure travel more enjoyable.



We launched the first version of our projects in Turkey as EfsaneTarifler team, new versions for other regions will be formed collaborations with different cultures and in different languages will be available in the near time.