“Understanding sectoral needs and providing information-based solutions for those needs constitutes the basis of our product and service strategy in today’s world, where corporations move from IT strategy to digital strategy and business models are constantly changing.”

INOSAS was established at the beginning of 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to contribute to the production of innovative and high value-added technological solutions.

In the first year of its formation, in addition to the R&D projects carried out, products with intense field knowledge and standards were started to be created by understanding the sectoral needs correctly and making the necessary investments. In 2014, our products and services were brought together with the sectors and it was a year of growth for our 1-year-old company.

Not restricting its services to only technology and licensing processes, INOSAS understands the business models of the institutions and analyzes their needs in the best way and ensures that applications that support corporate processes are created on scalable platforms. It believes in industry-university cooperation and continues to work on the transformation of academic studies that can provide innovation in the industry, as well as the solutions it brings to sectoral needs. In addition, as a company that believes in the power of knowledge, it has started to work on trainings that will support the method knowledge contained in the products and services it provides.

We have gathered the solutions we have provided since our establishment under three main headings as products, services and training, and we have constantly made investments with the desire to add new ones to these product families.

Our products we offer as of 2015, which we see as a new project year;

-Project Application, Evaluation and Monitoring
-Corporate Web Portal
-Smart Kitchen Stock Management
-Electronic Research Platform
-Stock and Sales Management
-Call Center Operations Management
-Information Technologies Service Desk
-Business Process Management and Integration
-Intelligent Inventory Management
-Application Development Platform
-Presentation Support Device

We can list the services offered by our expert team together with the product range or separately as follows:

-Enterprise-Specific Business Application Development
-Custom Business Mobile Application Development
-Enterprise Application Integration
-Change Engineering & Reorganization
-Project Management and Consulting
-Care and Maintenance

In the field of education, in addition to corporate trainings for ITIL and ITIL certification exams, Zend PHP trainings are also provided by our “Zend Certified” certified experts.

Last year, we signed INOSAS on 8 medium and large-scale projects, including public institutions and private sector. With the corporate change process and restructuring we realized at the end of 2014, we aim to increase the number of our projects in 2015 and to register the quality of our services with the certification processes we initiated. In addition, export is at the top of our company goals. In the upcoming period where we see success in exports, we are planning to participate in Dubai GITEX fair, where we participated as an audience in 2014, with a fully localized product in 2015. We consider the Arabian Peninsula and African Continent Countries as a target market.

We wish to meet with our solutions that will add value to your business on the way we walk. For detailed information, you can check our website or visit us at Cyberpark.