MWC19 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress, which was held in Barcelona, Spain between 25-28 February in the fair area called Fira Gran Via, is important for the promotion of many different products. The companies are specially prepared for this fair every year and exhibit their new products and technologies. It is one of the most exciting international fairs when it comes to smartphones and mobile technologies. The giant organization with the participation of Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and many other companies is actually of great importance in terms of introducing new products and technologies.

Which Products Are Expected at Mobile World Congress 2019?

Cell phones have become indispensable parts of our lives. Technology giants are in a big race to reach more consumers with their new models and to get ahead of their competitors. 2019 will be a year when we will have a mobile phone feast. Recently, foldable phones are on the agenda frequently. Samsung made the presentation of the S10 series foldable phone, which it designed, in this event. In addition, the new generation mobile communication technology 5G will be the most important agenda item of MWC 2019. Determining the frequencies to be used in 2019, speeding up the preparations of mobile communication operators and the last point reached in the expected 5G issue will be shown in Barcelona. Companies developing mobile communication infrastructure such as Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia will present their examples to the fair visitors. Domestic companies on 5G will also take their place in MWC 2019. Argela, a subsidiary of Türk Telekom, will introduce the new generation infrastructure technologies developed with Turkish engineers in Barcelona.

Connecting the World Intelligently / 5G

5G will create speed, flexibility and agility to enable far higher service and performance than is possible today. It aims to highlight the requirements needed to make 5G a reality, from implementation to application situations, business models, regulation, to the commercial and cultural challenges of working with new and diverse markets / industries. With 5G technology, 2019 will be the year of the mobile revolution. We will see this development mostly in smart cities projects. Now, we make use of the internet almost in every moment of our lives. In this direction, we can give examples of the benefits that 5G will provide us with Smart Cities projects. Driverless and externally controlled vehicles will enter our lives with new communication technology.

Another example that we can now control the vehicles remotely that will clean the seas by 5G is the device that controls the pollution of the seas. Thanks to a control device at the Mobile World Congress, it was possible to control the device in the Barcelona Marina. Thanks to the mobile communication infrastructure we controlled this vehicle, a connection was provided from the fairground to the sea vehicle. In this way, he controlled the vessel about 10 kilometers away and collected data on how dirty the sea was.

Hologram conversation; One of the most imagined subjects is the connection with the hologram. This dream comes true with 5G. In the demo set up by Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress, it was possible to talk to each other with augmented reality glasses and hologram technology. Thanks to the Hololens glasses developed by Microsoft, you can see the hologram of the person in front of you virtually. One of the most striking details in the example realized thanks to the data transfer capacity of 5G was that the talks took place at the speed of a video call.

Doctors will be attached to the ambulance; One of the prominent examples of 5G in the Mobile World Congress was in the field of health. In the developed example, a real-time connection can be established between ambulances and specialist doctors. The injured person is taken to the ambulance, the healthcare professional in the ambulance wears a special glove connected to the internet with 5G. This glove is attached to the joystick found in the doctor’s hand at the hospital. The healthcare professional in the ambulance takes the ultrasound device for the first aid of the injured person. On the other hand, the doctor checks the joystick with the vibrations he sends to the paramedic glove in the ambulance. The injured person can be intervened quickly.

5G technology is of great importance for 2019 and the future. Especially when evaluated according to their usage areas, it seems that it will greatly facilitate our lives as a Smart Cities project.