ITIL Service Asset and Configuration Management,

It aims to preserve information about Configuration Items required to provide an IT service, including relationships. The activities and process objectives of ITIL Configuration Management are generally the same in ITIL V3 and V2. According to ITIL V3, Configuration Management presents the Configuration Management System as a logical data model spanning several Configuration Management Databases. ITIL 2011 requires additional interfaces in Configuration Management in accordance with the new structure of Service Transition processes.

ITIL Configuration Management sub-process and process plant tensioning:

Description Configuration

Its main goal is to develop and develop from the school administration to improve all processes. This includes going through the production process of products that will complete product types and sub-productions.

Configuration control

To ensure that any item whose goal cannot be completed is not added.


ITIL’s control is essentially a review of the Confi Management System to make use of controls for control purposes and to ensure management by a party to be controlled. Other people also use Configuration Control: The configuration definition is located in the zone leave zone. Our publication management with a broader, revised Management and review.

Configuration Verification and Audit

Performing regular checks as a complete representation of the actual configuration items in a live production environment with a Process Goal orchestration management program.

The following ITIL terms and results (information), process outputs, and are used during the ITIL Configuration management process to log in:

Version for Configuration Management System Structure

Incoming request of a Service administration for a configuration management system. Required to complete registration of the new transaction object or attributes required to be sufficient for new files in the management system, this request is on its way to Configuration Management.

Configuration Management System/ Configuration Management Databases

A Configuration System is a sequence used to collect, store, collect, update, analyze, and information about details from all elements. A CMS can manage the same level of overconfiguration Management Day. Basic planning is the use of the IT organization’s service objectives by a model, the Configuration Model.

Configuration Management System Version Policy

A set of rules as in order to change configuration management performance and change.

Configuration Audit Report

A report that subtracts from a control system, a report that excludes from the vehicle

Configuration Item

Their configurations are possible: land management almost always services and IT infrastructure immediately catches up, can be based, can be a project. type, general, etc. Configuration Items, their attributes (Configuration Items in the Configuration Record Mah.

Definitive Media Library

The Precise Media Library is the library for the finality of all media objects, the person in which the competency is stored and maintained. DML typically consists of one or more file-by-file legacy file repositories holding masters/DVs on CD.